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108 Ю8 Lesson 1 1. ^ Vocabulary. How does Becky usually spend her holidays? Fill in the gaps with the words from the box. bring stay different travel enjoy going shopping I (0) enjoy visiting (1) places. II I often (2) ________ with my auntie ----------- going like (5) (3) ____ to Spain where I and uncle. It is fantastic! to the huge park Mitica”, I always buy and (6) I (4) called “Terra ________ with my aunt. gifts for my friends. a quiz [kwiz] — викторина a camp — лагерь to learn — узнавать a thing — веш;ь mostly — в основном 2. Vocabulary. How do you and your friends like spending your holidays? Here is a quiz about holidays for you. 1) SL Circle your answers. Holidays 1. It is a sunny day in winter. # Do you go skiing with your friend? A Do you stay at home? (You don’t like winters.) # Do you read a new book? 2. Your friend comes to your house and A you go for a walk with him. A you watch TV together. # you play a new computer game together. ■■ ШУ.:. ШШ: mm^y ■««'-'I Ш-П \ \ ь '> / штш. Si " ■ «я» i;-. mmm щщ ш - -J4, жШёг- '1^' ^1' 3. You want to invite your friends to a holiday dinner. it Will you go to the park and have a picnic? A Will you buy cakes and biscuits and eat them at home? Ф Will you cook your favourite holiday meal for your friends? 4. For your holidays you always take ^ a swimming costume, you enjoy swimming. A a CD player, you like listening to music. Ф good boots, you like travelling and walking to different places. 5. What holidays don’t you like? When you stay at home and watch TV. A When your parents send you to a sports camp. # When you don’t learn interesting things. и 2) Ш Count your Read the results. symbols. Count your friend’s symbols. Mostly A — You love sport. Choose holidays where you can be active. Mostly A — You hate sport. Choose holidays where you can be lazy (ленивый). Mostly Ф — You like learning new things. Choose holidays where you can visit new places and do new things. 3. EL Vocabulary. Nick started writing a letter about his holidays but he didn’t finish it. Finish Nick’s letter. goes on holidays grandma Lake beautiful go by boat boating a lot of fish enjoys Every year, our family (0) 0065 ОП hoHdciyS to Michigan*. Ш mt! My (1) lives there. We stay nearSS Spider Lake. It is my favourite place. Sometimes we goj^ to (2) _________________ Michigan*. It is huge. First we go by car and then we (3)_______________________But I enjoy (4) ________________ on Spider Lake. The lake (5) _______________ and I fish a lot. I usually catch (6) :Щ _________________My dad (7) _______________ fishing^^^ there, too. 4, There are a lot of things you can do in the summer. 1) НБ1| Last summer Liza did some of these activities. Ask her questions. GRAMMAR Usually we buy gifts for our relatives. Did you buy gifts for your relatives last summer? Last summer we bought gifts for our friends, too. GS p. 130 AB p. 124 0. you/did/watch TV? Did VOU WCftch TV? 1. ride/you/a horse/did? 2. give/to your friends/did/you/gifts? 3. in the river/did/swim/you? 7 4. the computer/you/did/go on? : 5. different birds/you/see/did? ; Д . 6. apricots/you/did/eat? I 7. a big fish/did/catch/you? Iga 8. books/you/bring/did/for your friends? ^.'.2) Look at the pictures and answer the questions. ^Last summer she brought books for her friends. :!T IP Lesson 2 Nick usually spent his holidays in the village. But last ' summer he spent his holidays in a different way. Fill in the "|^:;gaps with Past Simple verbs. —— GRAMMAR Last summer we travelled a lot. We went to the sea. GS p. 130 AB p. 124 Every summer we (0) Stayed (stay) in the village. What did we do? We (1) C ///Л'/Р - ,;_____________ (climb) trees and (2) 4 \лгу\p-B U (jump) down from them. We (3) Д /g 4 qc! (play) a lot of games. We (4) ^ (visit) the farm. We (5) (chase) the ducks and then we (6) ^ d___ (fish) in the river. But last summer we (7) flew (fly) by plane to Africa. We (8) ______ (go) boating there. -i^) U/ (swim) in the sea. We (10) oi- (eat) oranges. We (11) c/ _____________ (ride) ^--elephant. We (12) \л/___ (see) an ostrich. We (13) H (buy) a bow and arrows. 2. Holiday code. 1) tSBL Vocabulary. Match the verbs with nouns and write the code. 1 climb 2 run 3 eat 4 go 5 spend 6 stay 7 play 8 put on 9 read 10 swim 11 go on 12 visit 13 watch 14 write 15 buy and bring a books i a tree 0 football у nice food e in the sea h rides d a parade к gifts 1 different places m clothes n time r letters w shopping s races t at home 1 — i 2 — 3 — 4 — 5 — 6 — 7 — 8 — 9 — a 10 — 11 — 12 — 13 — ¥m ■Ш t,' l-vAi 'Ш %Л »5j! PV': У ■- -У ■ V ; г ■ m ШГ'^ ri'‘ ■ I S! щ^:% :■ ШШЁ“ Дв1 ii £ % Si 2) Б1 Where did Sid go last sumnner? Use the code to read the holiday postcard. Tick the correct picture. 11-1 Hi! 1 9-8 1-5 2-3-13-5-10-3. 1-6 1-2 11-7-6 11-10-14-10. 1 2-4-1-8 9 12-7-6. 6-11-10-14-10 9-14-10 8-9-5-3 9-5-1-8-9-12-2 11-10-14-10. 2-9-4 9 15-7-9-12-9 3-10-2-6-10-14-13-9-3. 112-1-13. ■I Lesson 4 GRAMMAR I will go to the sea and my brother won’t (go), he will go to the mountains. GS p. 131 » ' tl 1. What will Lisa’s friends do on their holidays? Fill in the gaps with the verbs from the box and use will or won’t. gd^ ilshin^ / ^pllect' alid bring learn go boating 0. Jane will spend her holidays near the sea. (+) 00. She won't go boating there. (—) 1. She j/t^XU ^ ____ in, the sea. (+) 2. She 'i^'/ 44l)e-11s from the sea. (+) 3. She Vj^l^! f{ ^ ^ides there. (—) 4. Mike ^ the village. (+) 5. He ' there. (—) 6. He \A/iX IP. r n. ___________ in the river. (+) 7. He A-/h^______________________ to ride a horse. (+) 2.ИВ How will Sid spend his holidays? Fill in the gaps with the verbs from the box. Use Future Simple. clean write ge help teach visit I think I (0) win go to America because my relativesJ live there. I hope we (1) I can’t wait to go there. I thinl^ I (2) ' '4 !^l Disneyland*ij|| ---------- my book. Then I (3) ponies. I (4) _ my sister who works with , .J ______________ the ponies and then I (5) children to ride We ponies. tap ШШ Шс.. Щ1 fK- Lesson 1 1. Let’s sing. “Who is afraid of big alligators?” 1) 6ISSI Read the song and sing it. ' Who is afraid of a big alligator? :Big alligator, iBig alligator. ,Who is afraid of a big alligator? Me, me, me, me, me! ;Fm not afraid of a big alligator. Big alligator, ,Big alligator. ,Гт not afraid of a big alligator, ^ No, no, no, not me! 2) EL Match the words in the box. Choose the animal and write your song. dangerous bad evil tall heavy small fluffy ostrich shark mouse wolf m Ш i;? Who is afraid of a И///1 х4/й1 -----, ^r/y-L- py: Who is afraid of a _ Me, me, me, me, me! I’m not afraid of a _ ■Ц У "Щ I’m not afraid of a No, no, no, not me! 2.Б& Vocabulary. Here is a story about two birds: Sam and Sarah. What are they like? Fill in the gaps with^tbe"words from the box. Sam is an ostrich. He is a big bird. He can’t fly.4 But he is a runner because his legs are 2 And he is very S and is sometimes Sarah is a hummii^ bird. S Her legs are She is but she can fly. IS a Sam'^f bird. I when she walks ^ 3. BBIi Write it right. Can you find six animals? 1) Match the pieces of paper. :0 ъ 1. sheep 2. 3./0^ р4. ^ / ha,~f ^с i-- 5. .'Г л /Х-Г /с, 6. Й f 2) Which fish is this story about? Choose the word from ex. 3. 1). A Big Fish. Ken is a big fish. He is long. He is fast. And he is very, very dangerous. Ken is a hSLT (< . ; 3) Vocabulary. Write about a small fish. A Small Fish. All Liri^a, the goldfish. She is a /\ She is - -Ipry- r/^e^ than the wolf. f 1. (smart) ^ S i f)5^ /^-i. £^ * 2. (silly) jfh i. Wl f f 3. (brave) f' L j k T\ '^-6 ^ ^ PX I 4. (kind) __^_l) Л /S kjncj ~(: irxf^f) ^ l/C/^/i^ I /S Ья/1\{’1^ 4. h^_. A ii /) J. Ьл (9! Si 5. (helpful) 6. (bad) ^ Sh ^ b ^ ^ ^ :/-S^ 6 7. (dangerous) P Lesson 3 / % i;' GRAMMAR large — larger — largest dangerous — more dangerous — most dangerous (the most dangerous animal) GS p. 127 l.gL In your culture. There are a lot of animals in the Moscow Zoo. What are they like? Put in comparative and superlative adjectives. You can see the biggest (big) bird — an emu. The (1) _____________ (dangerous) birds in the zoo are eagles. The (2) ______________ (tall) animal is a giraffe. The (3) 1 \ 4Ж*Ш'^'' ‘ ■'® ''' * !;жШ.М|Ц..... J ; an emu [^i:mju:]) ( an eagle ) ( a peacock ) pi 'Ф- 1' (4) Щ eI I (large) animal is an Asian elephant. The --- (big) cat is an Asian lion. The (5) (beautiful) bird is a peacock. 2. f How different are the animals? Write about them with the adjectives from the box. Г I m 'Й тц' тщ. ШтГ Ifel mir ШЯ m (an anaconda [^sena'knndg]) 0. The giraffe is the tdHest animal in the world. 1. The anaconda is ______________________ than the alligator. 2. The whale is _____________________ than the elephant. 3. The whale is _____________________ animal in the world. 4. The cheetah is V.. j -‘i-. ^ ::!Л1 ' 1.18 5. The whale shark is 6. The great white shark is 7. The great white shark is animal on land. ____ fish. __________ shark. __________ monster. le 5) Lesson 4 EL What is the favourite animal in Egypt? Read the sentences and choose true or false, then join the dots. join the dots — соедини точки 12 46 TRUE FALSE 1. The tallest animal is the giraffe. (ДО^^З^ 10-45 2. The animal with the longest nose is the dog. 27-50 13-5 3. The largest animal is the blue whale. 5-16 5-13 4. The fastest animal is the horse. 44-50 44-33 5. The parrot is best at talking. 39-3 39-16 6. The biggest fish is the shark. 46-50 46-39 7. The smartest animal is the sheep. 12-50 12-2 • 8, The longest reptile is the anaconda. Cpo-^ 13-50 9. The smallest bird is the humming bird. 36-46 36-39 10. The most dangerous fish is the goldfish. 16-13 16-44 11. The heaviest bird is the turkey. 33-46 33-45 12. The biggest reptile in North America is 10-36 10-12 the American alligator. 13. The largest member of the cat family is 3-27 3-45 the wild cat. 14. The most beautiful bird is the ostrich. 12-50 12-13 19 ■ jv'^- f ■ i Consolidation 1 DEL Children fronn different countries have holidays in October. What do they say about their holidays? Listen to their stories and match the names (1-5) with the information about the children (A-F). One letter is extra. 1. Shannon 2. Aza 3. Christina 4. Elizabeth 5. Emma A. can go shopping a lot Б. didn’t like her holidays C. usually stays at home with her relatives D. visited France [fra:ns] E. wants to go to school F. will go to a party 2. EL Vocabulary. On the CBBC Newsround* you can find stories by children about different events. What does Kate think about her summer? Choose the correct variant (A or B). We often go (0) to France. Next summer I (1) we will go to the Caribbean*. I can’t (2) to go shopping, (3) _____________ I want to buy a lot of summer (4) I want to swim a lot. We will spend two weeks there and then we will come back and (5) _________________ our relatives. They live in Scotland. I think we will have a good (6)___________________ (0) A. to (1) A. learn (2) A. wait (3) A. because (4) A. letters (5) A. bring (6) A. time B. in B. hope B. enjoy B. but B. clothes B. visit B. holidays 3. gL Grammar. During the summer a lot of children visit summer camps. What does Naomi write about her summer holidays? Choose and circle the correct verb form. ~4----------------------------------------------------------- ■ ^ spend/(§рёп^ two weeks of my summer holidays in Щ the summer camp. I (1) enjoy/enjoyed doing different Ш activities: climbing, biking. Now I (2) am/was not K' afraid of water. ■ I (3) like/liked talking to the girls there and now two H of these girls- (4) are/were my good friends. P I enjoyed (5) to stay/staying at the camp because I (6) have/had a fantastic time there. I hope I (7) go/will go there next summer. I can’t wait to go. tier (1) (2) to im dll ve ■U , i 4. ШЕ& Let’s play. “The animal game”. The sentences are all wrong. Make the sentences true. 5. Vocabulary. The American president Theodore Roosevelt had a pet. What was it? Complete the crossword. 0. This bird is bigger than a duck. 1. This animal is smaller than a dog but its edrs are longe^^ 2. This animal is shorfe^^han a horse but taller than a sheep. 3. This bird is smaller than a turkey but it can swim. 'IS;]:.': L.iP''' if - 1. А mouse is larger than a cat. 1. A peacock is the most dangerous bird in the Moscow Zoo. 1. Mice are heavier than dogs. 2. Ostriches can fly. 2. Ostriches are the smallest birds. 2. The largest animal in the world is the dinosaur. 3. A shark’s ears are very long. 3. A giraffe is faster than a cheetah. 3. The blue whale is the largest fish. 4. The Asian elephant is smaller than the Nile crocodile. 4. Alligators are more dangerous than crocodiles. 4. All pigs are pink. mm ш. ■?М ‘ШЪ Й1Г ■ш^ Х-: 1 ШШё л ::: «i 21 [и I п 4. This bird can’t fly but it is the heaviest bird. 5. This animal is faster than a cow and you can ride it. 6. This bird is smaller than a turkey. It can’t swim. 6. El In your culture. There are a lot of interesting places in Russia where you can spend your holidays. Do you like travelling around Russia? Complete the story. I like spending holidays in Russia. There are a lot of interesting places here. I like ______________, because I was born here. I like going to ______________ because my relatives and friends live there. I like going shopping in_________________ I enjoy--------------- I hope we _______________ to ______________ next summer. I can’t wait! 0 • t U f r 1 2 3 5 6 St. Petersburg .Vladivostok Kazan 22 Lessons 6—7 Test yourself ft LISTENING_________________ 61 Б& What is the best and the worst thing about the sea and the beaches in the UK? Listen to the children’s comments and match the pictures with the stories. There is one extra picture. a beach — пляж Г}: an Story 1. Picture Story 2. Picture Story 3. Picture Story 4. Picture Your score 4 3 2 1 и менее Your mark 5 4 3 2 2a О. READING Read the story from the book “The Midnight Fox” by Betsy Byars and match the characters with the information about them. You can use the letters more than once. I did not want to go to the farm. I was happy at home. I had a new plane model and I wanted to play with it, and then my mum told me about aunt Millie’s farm. “I don’t want to go to a farm,” I said. “But, Tom, why not?” “Because I don’t want to.” “You don’t want to go now,” my mum said, “but after you think about it, you will.” “I will never want to go.” “How do you know? When I first saw this farm, I loved it. It is the prettiest farm I saw. There are great big apple trees there. You can climb them and there are cows and horses and ...” “Animals don’t like me. I’m scared of farm animals. I don’t want to go at all. Why can’t I stay here?” “Because we don’t stay in the city,” my mum said, and went out of the room. That evening my father came in and talked to me. “This is fantastic,” my dad said. “Fantastic! There is a lake there — did you know that? You can go swimming every day.” “I can’t swim well,” I said to him. “You can learn! And your mother has this chance to go travelling. She can’t wait to see Europe. I want to go with her, too.” “But I don’t want to go.” “You should think about your mum!” I wanted to cry but I didn’t and I said, “All right, you can tell mum I want to go to the farm.” Then I took my model and started looking at it. 24 i ,e. ^t, er n, re id s. id a ig TO ro )U I r I Л a chance — шанс - Tom Tom’s mum . Tom’s father A. didn’t want to go to the farm. B. didn’t want to stay in the city. C. liked swimming. D. liked travelling. E. wasn’t happy. F. loved the farm. G. wanted to spend the holidays in Europe. H. wanted to stay at home. I. was afraid of farm animals. Your score 12-10 9-8 7-5 4 и менее Your mark 5 4 3 2 USE OF ENGLISH (GRAMMAR/VOCABULARY) .'i 1. Б. Fill in the gaps with the correct verb form. My school (0) Is (be) near Nairobi National Park. Every day I (1) _l_________ (go) to school by bus, and very often I (2) 3 (see) giraffes, zebras and different birds. Sometimes we (3) ^_____ (see) monkeys. Last Saturday when we (4) J^''^ park with my dad, I (5) _ (go) to the game li^fwatch) a lot of different animals there. It (6) ]/{/ ________ (be) very in- teresting. I like living in Kenya because Africa (7) _____________ (be) very beautiful. I (8) ___________ (be) from America, I think in the future I (9) _________ come back to Africa. (go) to the USA but I want to Jonathan 1 '- -' ^:ф Ш ■' Ш' ^ Шг : . р*^.;. ; Ь: ' ■п I »'~ - . >а-“ 2. ^ Put in comparative or superlative adjectives. ^ ^ Toads and Frogs Some children think that toads are (0) more dancierous (dangerousl than frogs. It isn’t so. They are not dangerous at all. Toads are (1) ^(big) than frogs. But toads’ legs are (2) _ (short) than frogs’. Frogs are (3) U! . frogs are (4) il fo. (fast) than toads. Usually (small) than toads but the Goliath [дэЧаюв] frog is the (5) J_______________ (big) frog in the world. It lives in Africa. C if (6) ______________ (large) than a duck. It is 3.gL For sentences 1-8 choose the correct variant. How I Help Animals in Winter I like (0) helping animals. I do a lot (1) _______________ birds and small animals. Winter can be very cold and frosty and it is (2) __________ for birds and small animals. I give (3) __________ to birds. I love raccoons and I enjoy (4) _____________ about them. Last winter when I saw a raccoon with a broken leg, I ran and told my parents. We (5) _______________ the raccoon. It was soon (6)------------- I like reading books about animals. I (7) __________ animals. I (8) _________ help animals next winter. (0) helping/bringing (1) for/to (2) scared/dangerous learn how to look _ all children will broken — сломанная I I w (2) (3) эт. eg, ас- юк vill (3) toys/food (4) watching/learning (5) fed/waited (6) more different/better (7) like/after (8) hope/enjoy i ■ Your score 23-20 19-15 14-11 10 и менее Your mark 5 4 3 2 WRITING Bi What animals did you see when you were on holidays? What^^i^ were these animals like? V On my holidays / went to ШЖ There I m Lesson 1 1.Б You can write and tell the time in different ways. Read the following. Choose and circle the corresponding time(s) in figures. More than one variant is possible. 0. U’s nine o’clock in the morning. a^/9:00 pm 1. It’s ten o’clock in the evening. 10:00 am/10:00 pm/22:00 2. It’s one o’clock in the afternoon. 1:00 pm/l:00 am/13:00 3. It’s four o’clock in the daytime. 4:00 am/16:00/4:00 pm 4. It’s twelve o’clock at night. 12:00 am/12:00 pm/0:00 5. It’s half past seven in the morning. 7:30 am/7:30 pm 6. It’s a quarter past two in the afternoon. 2:15 pm/l:45 am/14:15 7. It’s six minutes to seven in the evening. 6:54 pm/7:06 pm/18:54 2. USi Write it right. What are the words people use to talk about the time? Put the letters on the left in the correct ; places on the right. The letters on the right are in the correct places. morning a_e____oo_ _ay_i_e e_e_i__ i 0. m n r g n 1. t f n r n 2. t m d 3. n V n g 4. n h t g утро время после полудня день (дневное время) вечер ночь г с !Y »~т ЛИ 1 «I .'i-i - -7-------?~ ■ .?.. “ISJ 5. n m t _i_u_e минута йшшшт 6. h f 1 _a половина штшт 7. q t r r _ua e_ четверть ' jattiag ^шмтшт Lesson 2 i t \ « * • • ^ i Let’s play. “Telling the time”, (pp. 30-31) Lesson 3 1. Let’s play. “Please do what I tell you”. 1) El groups, match the words and write as many instruc-tions as you can. Do not forget to add the word “please”. Let’s play. “Telling the time”. i 30 31 2. EL “Yes, I will” or “No, I won’t”. Write down the correct answers. GRAMMAR — Be a good girl. — Don’t worry, I will. GS p. 133 0. Don’t forget to eat. 1. Please water the flowers. 2. Turn off the TV, please! 3. Don’t feed the monkey. 4. Put on the coat! It’s cold! 5. Be nice to Jessica. She’s small. OK. / won't All right. __ Oh, no. _____ All right. __ OK. _________ Of course, 3. BEL What do the Mortons say in the following situations? Match. o. — a). 7/, ^ r____________g <.» 4f 0 V to be bored — скучать 0. Freddie is hungry, I think. 1. It’s time to go to bed, kids 2. I’m hungry. Mum. 3. Freddie wants to go for a walk. 4. I can’t do my homework. 5. The house is in a mess. 6. I want to go out to play with Ben. 7. Dad, I’m bored. V 32 ■iiiHib ass;. Udal a) Yes, he is. Feed him, please. b) Read a book. c) Don’t worry. We’ll clean it on Saturday. I’m sorry, I can’t help you. Ask Jack for help. Walk him, please. |) Eat a banana. g) Don’t be silly. It’s windy. Oh, no. Don’t turn off the TV! Lesson 4 1, Children spend weekends in different ways. 1) ELSI3 Pair work. Ask your partner about what she/he BiiBH Pair work did last weekend and write down her/his answers. Questions Answers 0) get up late? Did vou aet up late last weekend? Late. (Early.) 1. What/do in the morning? 2. What/make for breakfast? 3. Go to (dance/music) class? \ 4. What time/have lunch? 5. What/do after lunch? 6. go to sports practice? 2—Куаовлев, 4 кл. Раб. т-дь Продолжение Questions Answers 7. Where/go out to play with your friends? 8. go to the funfair? 9. What time/go to bed? Н Write down what your partner did and what you did * “- last weekend. Last weekend ... got up late. I got up late, too. 2, BB Vocabulary. Choose the correct answers and write : down the letters into the corresponding squares. The correct letters (1) spell the name of a kid who does everything nicely. The incorrect letters (2) spell the name of a kid who does not like doing anything. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 m 2 / mi 34 г О. Did you get up early (at the weekend/at weekend)? : lil m/1 1. What time do you have (your breakfast/breakfast)? a/o m 2. Do you clean your teeth (in/on) the morning? d/z 3. Do you like going (in/on) the computer? y/e 4. What do you do (in the evening/in evening)? 1/b 5. Where did you go (on the afternoon/in the afternoon)? .i/ o/k ' яшм . 6. Do you go to (sports practice/ a sports practice)? i/n ^ 7. Do you watch TV (on weekends/at weekends)? mmm e/d 8. Can you make ( lunch/a lunch)? -/s ■шштш ':тшт ' шттш ттшшш . ~ --- 2* Lesson 1 1. ISi Word building. Make up 10 words and label the pictures. Ы" class + room = classroom home + work = homework 0) class room 1) home book 2) note work 3) text time 4)lunch end 5) class mates 6) day book 7) bed work 8) fun time 9) week box 10) school fair \8) 2. Write it right. Here is Jessica’s letter to her pen friend in Russia. ^ "ill 1) flS Read the letter and underline 6 words with spelling .|| mistakes. laHg Deai^ic^toria^, 'HellS^fTOm ‘ Ёпд1аца! You wanted to know about my school. Well, I go to primary school. I like going to school. School is fun and all my class mates are very nice. My school is not very big but my class room is very big.. There is a class zoo 4n there! We’ve got a lot* of subjects at school. I find school work easy. My favourite subjects are Art, English, Maths and Music. I’m good at reading but I am not good at spelling. I hate spelling tests. And I don’t like doing my home work. Best of all I like breaktime. Do you like going to school? Is your school big? What are your favourite subjects? Is there a computerclass in your school? Write soon, Jessica 2) Б Write down the misspelled words correctly. 3) В In your culture. Write to Jessica about your school. Answer her questions. mi 7------------- Dear Jessica, I / Ш: (KA,0 t ■ // ■ n ^ „ //, / M m.a ,7. J ii A, _K J . ^ * =L_o(/, f? ] ^ €/ ■Л^ у / A jA £ iZZZ^Z^^^/7 Best wishes. Write soon, Lesson 3 Ш; 1» Write it right. Read the spelling rules and fill in the Ip gaps in the text with the correct form of the underlined verbs. GRAMMAR : ~ Причастие настоящего времени (Present Participle) ‘ Правила правописания ^ Для того чтобы образовать причастие настоящего вре-мени, необходимо к инфинитиву глагола добавить окончание -ing. Г go — going eat — eating Если глагол оканчивается на букву е, то буква е не пишется. Р *: have — having come — coming Если глагол оканчивается на одну согласную, которой предшествует одна гласная, то конечная согласная уд- ваивается. get — getting sit — sitting i АчАМЬЗ<,.'^а.--1 F- 0. Jessica says, “Jack, ^ my homework for me, please.” Why does she say this? Jessica is doin^ her homework and she can’t do it. 1. Ben’s mother says, “Wash your face, Ben.” Why? Ben is Ji^^nds but he doesn’t want to wash his face. 2. Look at the clock! It’s 6 o’c^ck in the morning. What’s happening? Jack is ^ Usually he does not get up early at weekends. 3. Jack says, “Mum, don’t make a fruit cake, please.” Why? His mother is /уш^£ fruit cake and Jack doesn’t like fruit. ^ 4. Ben says, “Let’s have our snacks at the playground.” Why? His classmates are / n n their snacks in the classroom. ^ 5. Olivia says, “Let’s write a story about pet cats!” Why? She has got a pet cat but the children are I story about pet dogs. 6. “Don’t put your lunchboxes on the desks,” says the teacher. Why does she say so? The children are 'Лф their lunchboxes on the desks. It’s not break time yet. to happen — случаться, происходить 2. HEL During a long break Max starts to write a letter to his friend David. Help Max to finish up the letter. Use am/is or are and make up 12 sentences according to the pictures, (p. 40) 39 1. I jsa0rj.»iO coo о having I Thomas and Daniel j 3. Jack 1 g Vr^ vj coming. Bye. | 4* James | „ Л n' i ^ ♦ William I /"'ITN I standing feeding the hamster. | t , III •.......... ... _i I I I III I 'll' iiiiii T II'll'' iiiiii III i| I ^ \ \ 6. Megan I 7, Helen chasing Oliver. on the noticeboard playing with a ball. 8* Olivia 'i in her notebook. IVb^ Ш 0. We a long break now. sleeping. Sweet dreams! X X * Emily^ ♦ Ben I £ having a snack. I Enjoy your meal! Oh, it's one o'clock. Mrs Funny talking to Sophie. drawing a monster writing you a letter. щтт mm 40 а GRAMMAR Max is writing a letter. -V -Tik. _•> . ?;■; ,'Г ,-зсГТ ?. iiL-iUV; ri-I.-v iJ'.?.. iL--:.: .'л,' '' V. '..r-'v-- Mind: —.......... : We say: “Tom’s writing. He’s writing a letter.” к : We write: “Tom is writing. He’s writing a letter.’ :ip ГЩ ^ Ф Hi, David, We are having a long break now. ^di ГЭ1 ->r^i Max M !>■ •’i шш ■Й, ''л? :.i • h- it; i ■ Lesson 4 1. БЬ Read the questions, correct the mistakes and answer the questions. 0) Look around. What vour classmates doing? 2. L'^ir^^vou?%)art^^?*^What she/he is doing? П/2_. ShP.^ /-$, ^ /^c ____________ 3. Your partner is writing in his/her notebook? У —/.Г /г X" AjA V66k around. What vour classmates doing now? ,.^/Г/ -e- ^ 'hCC_________ 5. What game the children nlaving at the playground now? What do you think? 6. Are you listen to vour teacher? __^j • ‘ ■ х:щ- - йШ Л'ШШР ■ ЕШ тщ ip-2 НШ1 - ‘J • Ria :: i* , i !i w Ы. eif |Й|1« у ■ '■ I- Йй- ^Щл m ШШ^ ipl, «. й Ш "V "л-“ . • fepPS:- IIP?:' ^ • ■;■ : Sex |р \т I да;'''J' 2. Н EL Vocabulary. Guess the words and complete the sentences. 0. You can see many interesting things at the I71US6U/11 (smumeu). 1. You can read books at the __________________ (raliybr). 2. You can eat pizza at the __________________ ______________ (zapzi rauresntat). 3. You can buy food at the _______________________ (rumasp- keert). 4. You can see a film at the __________________ (ncimea). 5. You can buy food for your pets at the ___________________ ______________(tpe hpso). 6. You can have a meal at the ___________________ (efca). 7. You can walk and play different games in the ______________ (karp). 8. You can swim in the ____________________ _________________ (misnwmig opol). 9. You can get on a bus at the ______________________ ______________ (ubs ostp). 10. You can watch “Peter Pan” at the _______________________ (trethae). ,11. You can buy many different things in the _______________ ______________ (pishnopg trenec). Lesson 2 Let’s play. “Treasure hunt”. Can you find Pirate Harry’s treasure? This is a clue to help you find his treasure. dSBL Guess the words in brackets and fill in the gaps. v'f Р® 1 64^' treasure [Чгезо] — сокровище clue [klu:] — ключ yyj Le 0. start from the cafe. Go CiCKOSS (sacsor) the street to the bus stop. 1. Get ___________ (no) the bus. 2. Get ___________ (fof) the bus at the next stop. 3. Turn ____________ (ghtir) and go _____________ (ghsartit) on to the mountains. 4. Go __________ (pu) and _________ 5. Go ____________ (dnuora) the lake to the cave. (wodn) the mountain. 6. Don’t go (otin) the cave. There is an old tree near the cave. 7. The treasure is under the old tree! 2) Look at the map of the Treasure Island. Follow the direction in the clue and find Pirate Harry’s treasure. Treasure Island l-j?. i ■■ i eurn :Y f: 3—Кузов.тев, 4 КЛ, Раб. 65 gjfi ,r imt, s Ш1Й' i* ШШ. щтщ j Ш Jr. 66 и ‘ 3) H Eb Now YOU can hide your treasure on the map. Draw the route to get to your treasure. Write the clue to help your partner find your treasure. 1. Start from 2. ____________ 3______________ 4. ____________ 5. ____________ 6. Lesson 3 l.SBL London is a great place to go shopping. Do the puzzle and find out the name of a very large and famous shop in London. H 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 0. The first letter in the word HOSPITAL. 1. The fifth letter in the word LIBRARY. 2. The third letter in the word PARK. 3. The second letter in the word BRIDGE. 4. The fourth letter in the word SCHOOL. 5. The tenth letter in the word PLAYGROUND. 6. The first letter in the word SUPERMARKET. 2. Н Grammar. These are some dates on Andy’s calendar. Match the dates with the occasions and write down what is special about these dates. date — ? calendar ['kaebndo] — ? occasion [э"ке1зп] — событие of A the first month. It’s C 0. The eighteenth Sparky’s birthday. Sparky's birthday is on the 18th of Januaiy. 1. The fifteenth of the second month. It’s Teddy Bear’s birthday. ______ 2. The seventeenth of the seventh month. On this day in 1955, W. Disney* opened Disneyland*. _______ 3. The twenty-first of Mother’s birthday. ______ the third month. It’s В -m 21st Ш March 15th February ..^ i A 18th January ] | 4. The nineteenth Father’s birthday. . of the sixth month. It’s 5. The twentieth of the fifth month. It’s my birthday. _____ 6. The sixteenth Ashley’s birthday. of the fourth month. It’s 3* Lesson 5 II mm ills 1ШШ- 1. S BL SS Can you find your way in Andy’s town? Fill in the gaps in the dialogues with the words from the word box. 1) — Excuse me. How _______________ to the library? — Go __________ Market Street to the bus stop and __________You’ll see it _____________ the street. — Thank you! 2) - .. Can you to the theatre? I don’t know. 1^3) Where can I have a meal? — The cafe is on the — Thank you. ■U) --------------------- _________ is the bookshop? number 4. __________ the bus at the next stop. You’ll see it _ — Thank you very much. the street. Excuse me (3) ... can I get ... ... tell me the way Where ... ... straight on ... ... turn right ... across (2) ... ... left Take bus ... Get off ... Thank you anyway. I’m sorry ... Not at all. 2. и EL Can you find the way to these famous shops in London? Look at the map of London. Complete the dialogues. (Use the words from the word box in ex. 1.) D- .. How _________ to Hamleys? — It’s in Regent Street. Go _______________ on Bond and go to left and go Street to Piccadilly. Turn ______________ Piccadilly Circus. Then _________________ straight ___________ Regent Street. You’ll see Hamleys on the right. — Thank you. ттш' шшт 2) - Nike Town Can you to Nike Town? down Bond Street to Oxford Street, and go to Oxford Circus. You’ll see _____ the street. SSC'* ■ — Not at all. is Selfridges? .. I don’t know [пэи]. ж Regent Street ['ri:d3ent ,stri:t] J Piccadilly Circus kpikc'dili 's3:kas] Oxford Street ["uksfad ,stri:t] I Self ridges ['sdfrid39z] it'.; II 70 Ё1Ш1 Lesson 1 1. SB Vocabulary. Where do Andy’s, Liza’s, and Jack’s parents and relatives work? What are their jobs? Guess the words and complete the sentences. 0. Mr Mills works in a hospital. He helps sick people. He is a doCtor. (ctordo) 1. Mrs Mills works in a school. She teaches history to children. She is a____________________(cheater) 2. Andy’s uncle is good at playing football. He is a_____________________(tporsnam) 3. Andy’s aunt is tall and beautiful. She wears wonder- ,r“i ful clothes. She is a____________________(delom) 4. Mr Bissett works in the police. He helps people. He wears a uniform. He is a_____________________(licepo iceroff) 5. Mrs Bissett makes reports for Children TV. She is a TV______________________(porreter) 6. Liza’s aunt looks after the animals. She is a____________________(tev) 7. Liza’s uncle lives in the village. He works on the farm. He is a_____________________(mafrer) 8. Mr Morton writes books. He is a_____________________(terwri) . И к и Ш- iBBi' |■■rn 9. Mrs Morton works in a theatre. She acts in plays. She is an______________________(sseract) 10. Jack’s uncle flies a plane. He is a ____________________. I it •V'-i- 11. Jack’s aunt sings and plays music. She is a ___________________. (topil) (ingers) 2. Group work. Half a crossword: “Jobs”. 1) You are in group 1. There are six words in your crossword. Explain the words from your crossword for group 2. Ii| . '■ Ш iisfE- ' dfv 1ЙО ■ айкЗЛ-!-. II Ш: 'У.ш, ws . " V. ... ^ 6 ■: i-v. 1 ■ a d 12 c о 10 3 t C m 4 r e P о r t e r о r О 8 d ; ■ ■ ■ 11 r e 2 7 1 f ■’ .. a i'l . • r ’ \-f r.. ' 9 m . * e • •' 5 s i n g e r , , V ; • T I j\r .f “ - ’ . ... 2) в El There are six missing words in your crossword, group 2 know what these words are. Ask them for the missing words. You can ask “What’s (7) across?” “What’s (8) down?” ^ missing пропущенный -щ 3. в в El Andy’s friends can do a lot of things very well. What will Andy’s friends be in the future? Complete the sentences. у*оЯ1> вищРШа -er/-or to write to sing -to act — — a writer - a singer an actor 0. Dan can act in school plays very well. I think he will be a famous QCtOT. 1. Grace can sing very well. I think she will be a wonderful___________ 2. Megan can dance all day long. I think she will be a very good 3. Oliver can paint very well. I think he will be a talented ___ 4. Sam can write interesting tales. I think he will be a popular _________ 5. Harry can play football very well. I think he will be a famous football ■ Млт - ’■ -m ■■ Ш": . -t: r€i ■’«'I-- 73 Щ f GRAMMAR I am going to be a writer. I am not going to be a reporter. What are you going to be? GS p. 132 I 1. SBk Andy’s friends are talking about their future jobs. What are they going to be? Complete their dialogues with the correct form of “to be going to”. I like computers, but I (0) i^fTl not goiHQ tO Ш work on the computer all day long. I’m good at playing football. I (1) _______________ be a g^famous football player. It’s my dream job. — Most of the girls in my class (2) _________ be actresses or singers. But I (3) ___________ not __________ be an actress or a singer. I _________________ help sick people like mum. It’s a very important job. — Ben and I are very good at playing sports. But we (5) _____________ not ______________ be sportsmen. We (6) be pilots. It’s a danger- (4) my ous job but it’s very interesting. : 2. IS What are Andy’s friends going to be? Write the ques-’ЪЬ itions and answer them according to the pictures. L £\r0vi\0^ t’K f\n^ Не^ец Т>с\А 0. Is/going/a pilot/Jack/to be? /5 Шск QOIHQ tO be О pilot? No. he isn't He is not going to be a pilot He is going to be a doctor. 1. Emma/Is/going/a reporter/to be? ______________________ 2. to be/Are/Ann and Helen/going/actresses? 3. a vet/Harry/Is/to be/going? 4. is/Emily/What/going/to be? 5. Dan and Sam/are/to be/going/What? 75 i!n¥ Lesson 3 •л ifS' Л ji; EL your culture. There are many talented kids In Russia. Look through the table and write a report about one of these talented kids according to the questions. \ Names Questions \ Nastya Lukyanova Alexander Loginov Masha and Nastya Tolmachevy How old are they? 11 12 9 Where are they from? Moscow Moscow Kursk Have they got a big family? mum, dad and a brother mum, dad and sister Julia mum and dad What are they like? a talented actress, merry, friendly and kind a talented sportsman, merry, brave and smart talented singers, kind, merry and gentle What do they like? reading, theatre, animals sport and travelling playing games, dancing What are they good at? acting, writing poems skateboarding, snowboarding and carting singing What are they famous for? a young actress in Kirill Korolev’s Theatre, Moscow Master of Sport in carting the winners in different young singers competitions What are their dream jobs? an actress or a writer a sportsman doctors i Consolidation 1, Listening. Andy is describing one of these pictures. 1) Б1 Listen to his story. Which picture is he describing [A or Б)? Underline the correct letter. A В I i im I pi I I .S*:. f f::: ■ 3 Sv. I 'irn^ \ Ы-I ipr i I 1 I i$': ■ ■■'& -■ i t li ii in i c- 1^"- ■ l^i" |Ш-‘- ■ ■: 2) 1^ Write a short description of the other picture. It is a __________________________________________________ There is People go There is The village has got 2. SSL Vocabulary. Here is Erik’s story about his house. What is his house like? Fill in the gaps with the words from the box. There are two extra words. bedrooms bookcase carpet cupboards desk downstairs flat floor flowers fridge garden house kitchen living room oven sofa upstairs wardrobe Hi, my name is Erik. I live in a (0) house in a small town in England. In my house there are three rooms downstairs and three rooms (1)__________________The (2) __________ is downstairs. In the kitchen there is a (3) __________. This is the place where mum keeps things cool. We have got an electric (4) ________________. Mum there is a TV __ on the (7) makes cakes in it. In our (5) ----------- and a sofa. We have got a (6) ----------- __________ to keep our feet warm. Most houses have a bathroom upstairs but our bathroom is (8)---------------- The three rooms upstairs are all (9)--------------In my bedroom I have got a (10) -------------- for my clothes, (11) __________ for all my toys, and a (12) -------------- ‘ iJf -V . for my books. I have got my (13) and my 78 computer near my bed. We have a (14) our house. Mum likes planting (15) ___ пеагй 3. Grammar. What stories are these sentences from? 1) Put the verbs in the correct form (use Present Perfect). 1. Someone _______________ (break) my chair. Someone________________(eat) my porridge. 2. You ______________ (eat) my grandmother! 3. I_______________(run) away from my grandma and* grandpa. 4. I ____ (be) to the garden and I (bring) apples. Now I am cooking them for dinner. 5. you (guess) my name?”^/ said the little black thing with a long tail. ; 6. “_______________ you ____________________ (give) away our cow ;lg for five beans?” cried the mother. someone — кто-то porridge — каша to guess — угадывать a tail — хвост beans — бобы 2) Which fairy tales are these sentences from? Match. A. Tom Tit Tot. (Том-Тит-Тот) 5. В. The Three Little Pigs. (Три поросёнка) C. Goldilocks and the Three Bears. (Златовласка и три >^?| г -V ■ медведя) _______ ' ; D. The Gingerbread Man. (Пряничный человечек) E. Jack and the Beanstalk. (Джек и бобовый стебель) ______ F. Red Riding Hood. (Красная Шапочка) IK' • 4. ELS Group work. Can you find the way to the school and the cafe? V "*-' 1) Where is the school? Find the way to the school and write down the directions. First, go (0) up. Then stop. Don’t turn (1) _____________________ Turn (2)_________________Then stop. Next, go (3) ________________ Then stop. Turn (4)____________________Don’t go (5) _____________ Go (6)_________________Then stop. Next, go (7) __________________ Then stop. 2) Where is the cafe? Find the way to the cafe and write down the directions. First, go (0) up. Then stop. Don’t turn (1)_________________________ Turn (2)_______________________Then stop. Next, go (3) ______________Don’t turn (4)__________________________Turn (5) ________________Then stop. I#' Grammar. Do you know where J. K. Rowling lives and writes her Harry Potter books? Look at.the alphabet and write down nine letters according to the order given below. And you’ll learn the name of the city. Write down the fifth letter. Next, write down the fourth letter. Next, write down the ninth letter. Next, write down the fourteenth letter. Next, write down the second letter. Next, write down the twenty-first letter. Next, write down the eighteenth letter. Next, write down the seventh letter. Finally, write down the eighth letter. 6. Grammar. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of “to be going to”. 0) — Are you going to play football today? — No, I Qm not. I om going to write a report for our school newspaper. 1) — What -------- you ________ to do in the evening? — I-----------------to skateboard with my friends. 2) — ---- Andy _____________ to come to the party? — Yes, he___________He_________________to bring CDs. A В C D E F G H I J К L M 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 N 0 P Q R S T U V W X Y z 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 81 3) — Where — We _ 4) - ------ a picnic? — Yes, they friends. __ you ________ to spend the weekend? _!____ to visit my granny in London. Harry and Emma ______________ to have __________They have invited all their 5) - Ashley to act in a school play? — No, she .. She is very busy now. Lessons 5—6 Test yourself о LISTENING_________________ Ш Ei Listen to the story about Oxford and complete it with the words you hear. Oxford is a beautiful old city in Great Britain. There are many (0) tHUSeums, (l) ________________ and castles in Oxford. There are many beautiful (2) ___________________ in Oxford. Visit the Cotswold Wildlife Park and enjoy looking at the large collection of animals there. There are many (3) _______________, (4) ____________ ____________ i and (5) _____________ in the city. Visit the (6) |,r___________old Blackwell’s Bookshop in Broad Street. You can buy (7) ______________, calendars, maps, CDs and t toys there. There are also many (8) _______________ and ■^ (9) ____________ in Oxford where you can have your meal. Your score 9-8 7-6 6-4 3 и менее Your mark 5 4 3 2 Ml 82 \ о. READING 1) в Read the story about a little rabbit. Which title did Jane Thayer choose for her story? Circle the correct title. A. “The little rabbit who wanted to be a farmer.” B. “The little rabbit who wanted to live in a city.” C. “The little rabbit who wanted to have his own room.” country ['клп1п] — сельская местность; second time — второй раз; nothing ['плЭхр] — ничего; alone [э'Ьип] — один; own [эип] — собственная; double-deckers [,блЬ1'бекэг] — двухэтажные; more — большее количество Mike was the youngest Rabbit in the Rabbit’s family, He had six brothers and seven sisters. There were seven beds in their bedroom. The beds were double-deckers. Mike loved his bedroom. But one morning Mother Rabbit said to Father Rabbit, “We must find a house with more bedrooms!” All Mike’s brothers and all Mike’s sisters said, “I want to have my own bedroom.” And Mike said, “I want to have my own bedroom too.” The Rabbit family went to look for a house with more bedrooms. They saw many beautiful flats and houses. But they couldn’t find a house with fifteen bedrooms. And then Father Rabbit built a house with fifteen bedrooms in the country. They put the children in a big car. They put cupboards, wardrobes, chairs, carpets and sofas in the big car. And they went to the country. When it was time to go to bed, Mike got into bed in his own bedroom. But soon he got out of bed and went downstairs. “What are you going to do, Mike?” Mother Rabbit said. “I’m going to clean my teeth,” said Mike. He cleaned his teeth and went upstairs. :! ■ 83 ' ШЯШ! .□IIIPS' IT Г^ 'Г^ Soon he got out of bed a second time. “Mike, what are you going to do?” Mother Rabbit said. “I’m going to drink some water,” said Mike. He drank some water and went upstairs. Soon he went out of bed a third time. “Mike, what are you going to do NOW?” Mother Rabbit said. “Nothing,” said Mike. “But I don’t want to stay alone in my big bedroom!” Mother Rabbit said, “All your brothers and sisters think you’ll go to their bedrooms. But you will not! Because you are not a baby.” And Mike slept all night in his own bedroom. And he was very glad because now his brothers and sisters knew that he wasn’t a baby! 2) Are these sentences true (T) or false (F) according to the story? 1. Mike was the youngest in the family. ______________ 2. Mike, his brothers and sisters, all slept in one bedroom. ____________ 3. Mike’s brothers and sisters wanted to have their own bedrooms. ____________ 4. The Rabbit family looked for a new flat or a house with more bedrooms. ______________ 5. Father Rabbit bought a new house with fourteen bedrooms. ___________ 6. Father Rabbit built a big house in the country. Ш1 7. Mike wanted to stay alone in his big bedroom. 8. Mike didn’t want to stay alone in his big bedroom. 9. Mike wanted to show that he wasn’t a baby. And he slept alone in his own bedroom. __________ 10. Now his family knew that Mike wasn’t a baby. Your score 11-10 9-7 5-6 4 и менее Your mark 5 4 3 2 ^ USE OF ENGLISH (GRAMMAR/VOCABULARY) __ 1. Vocabulary. Read what the kids wrote about their future jobs. Guess their dream jobs and underline the correct word in brackets. 0. “I love animals and I want to help animals. So I want to be a (doctor/vetb” 1. “I want to be a (farmer/reporter) who travels around the world and makes reports about interesting things and people.” 2. “I love acting in plays. So I really want to be (a police officer/an actress).” 3. “My dream job is a (writer/pilot). I love reading and writing. I want to write funny stories for kids. It’s really interesting.” 4. “My dream job is a (sportsman/teacher) because I love little children and I want to work in a primary school.” 5. “I am good at singing. I can sing all day long. I sing at school, at home, and at playtime. I take singing lessons and piano lessons. I am going to be a (model/singer). ” 2. в The Mills have redecorated their rooms. 1) Choose the words and fill in the gaps in the story and you’ll learn what they have done and what they are going to do. Mr and Mrs Mills (0) have redecorated their house. They have (1) _____________ the floor in the kitchen. They have bought a new (2) ___________ for their living room. They (3)_________________________the wardrobe in i is SWfj' I m It; |ВЯ|^ It '1 Ashley’s room. Mrs Mills (4) a new (5) _____________ going to buy for her bedroom. And she (6) to buy a new cupboard for Andy’s (7) ______ (0) a) have (1) a) repaint (2) a) bed (3) a) is changing (4) a) is (5) a) chairs (6) a) is going (7) a) bedroom b) has b) repainting b) sofa b) have changed b) are b) curtains b) are going b) kitchen c) are c) repainted c) fridge c) has changed c) am c) carpet c) have gone c) living room 2) Б What is Andy’s grandmother asking him about? Write the questions. 0. you/Have/redecorated/the house? Have you redecorated the house? 1. have/What/done/you/in the kitchen? 2. bought/you/Have/any/new furniture? 3. your parents/going/What/to buy/are? 4. they/Are/to change/going/the cupboard/your room/in? 5. for Ashley/What/they/are/to buy/going? 3. @ Eb Do the puzzle and you’ll learn the name of Daniel Radcliffe’s dog. 0. The first letter of the eleventh month. 1. The second letter of the seventh month. 2. The third letter of the eighth month. Hi 3. The sixth letter of the season after winter. 4. The fourth letter of the sixth month. 5. The fourth letter of the ninth month. N Your score 22-20 19-17 16-14 13 и менее Your mark 5 4 3 2 WRITING BL Answer the questions and write a story about your dream town. 1. What is the name of your dream town? 2. What is your town like? 3. Where is it? 4. Are there any rivers, lakes, seas, mountains near your town? 5. What is there in your dream town? 6. What are your favourite places in your town? 7. Who lives in your dream town? 8. What makes your dream town special? Lesson 1 2. Group work. Half a crossword: “Jobs”. 1} You are in group 2. There are six missing words in your crossword. Group 1 know what these words are. Ask them for the missing words. You can ask “What’s (4) across?” “What’s (6) down?” f, дам 6 1 12 10 3 V w 4 e r t - i 8 11 t s 2 P e 7 P о 1 i c e о f f i c e r о 1 ' r о 9 t e a c h e r t ....1 s m 5 a n 2) fS There are six words in your crossword. Explain the words from your crossword for group 1. Lesson 1 SEI This is what Jack says about some special dates on his calendar. Complete his calendar. GRAMMAR It’s on the first of the fourth month. SB p. 87 m , -т^иш ■iliiif My birthday: It’s on the eighth of the fourth month. This year I am 11. Christmas Day: It’s on the twenty-fifth of the twelfth month. New Year’s Day: It’s the first day of the first month. Valentine’s Day: It’s the fourteenth day of the second month. Mother’s birthday: It’s on the eleventh of the third month. Father’s birthday: It’s on the ninth of the sixth month.Й Summer holidays start: They are on the twenty-fifth of the seventh month. Yes!!! Лягтягу, РрЬгпягу, МягоЬ, H i April, 8th jack's birthday Мяу, Jlinfi, 1 i July, Aiig’iist, \ SpptpTTihpr, g ^ ’ 5 i Ortohfir, Novfimhpr, if Dpnftmbpr, *5 fef 1 гн’ I 'тл# rV f * t il -' 90 2. В Eli Mr and Mrs Mills went away for the weekend. They gave Andy and Ashley a checklist of things they should do. Andy and Ashley have done some of these things i. Complete the dialogue between Andy and his mother. GRAMMAR I have done my homework. GS p. 133 Г f r г r* / Have breakfast. У Feed Sparky. Give Sparky some water. Clean Sparky’s cage. Have lunch. Water the flowers. Clean the house. r r Mother: Is everything OK? Andy: Oh, yes, everything’s OK. Mother: (0) Have you had breakfast? Andy: (1) Yes, we______________ Mother: (2) Have you _____________ Sparky? Andy: (3) Yes, we______________ Mother: (4) ___________ you given Sparky some water? Andy: (5)______________________________________________ Mother: (6) Andy: (7) . # Mother: (8) . Andy: (9) __ Mother: (10) Andy: (11) _ Mother: (12) Andy: (13) _ Mother: Don’t forget to do it. Bye! Lesson 5 BEL Ben and Vicky love school fairs. They are going to take part in the Summer Fair, too. What are they, their parents and grandparents going to do for the Fair? Make up questions. GRAMMAR Are you going to take me to the Fair? What are you going to do? GS p. 132 0. Ben; you/to help us with the Fair, Mum? Are you going to help us with the Fair. Mum? 1. Mum: you/to play the piano, Vicky? 2. Dad: Ben/to buy face paints? 3. Vicky: you/to make a fruit cake, Grandma? 1 riL 3 . ■ V.- hi mmmh Щ ШШШ.Г Я rll \шш^- iSfv- 4. Ben: What prizes/we /to buy? 5. Mum: What pictures and posters/you/to draw? 6. Vicky: we/to take Judy? 7. Grandpa: Where/you/to buy balloons, Ben? 8. Granny: What fancy dress/Vicky/to put on? mw:i тш Lesson 6 Bi Andy Mills is at his friend Harry’s place. Fill in the gaps in the dialogue with the correct form of the verbs according to the questions. GRAMMAR Watch a new TV game! I am going to watch a new TV game. I have watched a new TV game. GS pp. 132-134 (1) What game are they going to start on TV? (2) What is the TV presenter going to do? телеведущий (3) What does the TV presenter tell children to do? (4) Has Andy written the address? Harry: Oh, Andy! What’s the time? Andy: It’s 12 o’clock. Harry: It’s Children’s TV now. (0) I (watch) / am going to watch a new TV game. The TV presenter: Hi, kids! (1) We (start) ________________________ our new game — Treasure Hunting! (2) I (hide) (3) (guess) (write) ____ this treasure in a secret place. _____ where the treasure is and _____ to this address, please. Good luck! Harry: (4) you (write) ______________ Andy: Yes. I have! Harry; Great! Let’s play the game! the address, Andy? Lesson 7 1. BBL Why are these children happy? Has anything really nice happened to them? What have they done? Fill in the gaps with Present Perfect of the verbs from the box. GRAMMAR At last I have done my homework. He has not done his homework. GS p. 133 to get to buy to finish to do to take part to make (2) to come 0. I’m happy because my parents have redecorated my bedroom. 93 1. I am really happy now because my dad me a bicycle! Wow! 2. I am not happy at all. I ____________ my homework and my mum is going to come home very soon. 3. I’m happy today because my class the swimming competition. At last! 4. I’m happy now because I ____________ prize for my handicraft. in the first И 5. I’m really happy at the __________ primary school. 6. My mum moment because my favourite biscuits. -Ш f ' •< ',4 fa A; . > *-■ -I fmji*.,,,.' nJPii 5i4 J* »- f They are very nice! 7. I am not happy at all. My best friend _________________ to my birthday party. 8. At the Art lesson I __________________ the best poster in the class! You may have a look at it! 2. H EL Jack’s little sister Jessica can use the computer very well. Now she’s in her room, she is writing an e-mail letter to her granny. What’s happening in the house? What are the members of the family doing? Use Present Simple or Present Progressive of the verbs in brackets. c - ^ GRAMMAR I often write letters to my granny. I’m writing a letter now. What are you writing? GS p. 132 *>1 to. . Hi, Granny, Today is Sunday. It (0) (rain) IS KQIning and we are all at home. Jack (1) (talk) ______________ on the phone with Olivia. (Ha-ha!) Dad (2) (watch) ______________ TV. Guess what? A cartoon! Usually he (3) (watch) ______________ football. Mum is in the kitchen. She (4) (make) ___________________ bis- cuits. __________ her but not today. on the floor. __ when it is rainy. Sometimes I (5) (help) _______ Freddie (6) (sleep) __________ He always (7) (sleep) ________ I (8) (sit) _____________ in my room and (9) (write) ___________ you this letter. What (10)______________________YOU (do) What (11) (do) ---- now? my grandpa Sorry, mum and dad (12) (call) ___________ me. Write back. Come to us next weekend. Please! Love, Jess Lesson 8 Let’s play. “Kidsland”. (pp. 96-97) 95 Let’s play. “Kidsland”. г 96 ■\Ы1 г« • -ri. — 'J I*"*» УЛ l *. What have you done in your room?: %. J«r, ' What are the animals doing? г ^ ^,; .What are 'Жта s Think of an animar'^T"--^ I love where I live! Let your friend guess it.^^e’^i —1 You are late!® J '; Go back to the living room! 1У ; I^Pian your summer holidays!! You have forgotten your bag. / ■ ^ ^b,ua |s - 'V/ Go to the Shopping centred ^ What can you buy there? — Щ .'.'Щ - ’ '■ :•: I .■'•'IP, I ■S '" ^ -ЙЬ:, ^ . -S’, 1 . 5.T 4*“Кузопл(1в, 4 КЛ. Раб. т-д 97 т-. Consolidation 1. Ш Listening. Next week Andy is going to take part in the swimming competition in London. He is speaking on the phone to his grandma. 1) Listen to the questions and choose the correct answer. Ч. (0) A. Yes, you are. B. Yes, it is. C. Yes, she is. (1) A. How nice! B. I’m sorry, I don’t know. C. Too bad! (2) A. I’m going to school. B. I’m going shopping. C. I’m going to come on Sunday. (3) A. Not at all. B. Really? That’s great! Ъ; C. Thank you anyway. “ (4) A. Excuse me. B. Oh, no. Not again. C. Goodbye. 2) Listen and check. Ш. SL Vocabulary. Which word doesn’t belong? Underline it. 0. a prize, a face, a nose, a hand ■fj „ V. 1. angry, hungry, happy, hurry 2. to drive, to phone, to raise, today ^^ 3. left, right, wrong, straight mMmt 4. calendar, date, moment, competition J 5. Maths, Art, English, Handicraft 6. homework diary, school bag, take part, pencil case 3. Б1 In your culture. What are these Russian tale characters like? Compare their traits of character. Use the words from the word box. GRAMMAR She is kinder than her sister. She is the most helpful girl. GS p. 127 I . i: ■ 1 (Buratino) ( Malvina) (Karabas BarabaF) ( Pierrot ) ‘M “Morozko” “The Scarlet Flower” or (Nastenka) (her stepsister) (Nastenka) (Lyubava) (GordeyaI helpful talented tidy lazy kind evil silly brave merry gentle friendly smart 0. Nastenka is kinder than her stepsister. 1. She is ______________ in the family. 2. Her stepsister is _______________ than Nastenka. 3. Buratino is 4. Karabas Barabas is 5. Buratino is ______ than Karabas Barabas. _______ than Buratino. 6. Malvina is the 7. Nastenka is _ 8. She is the __ than Pierrot. ___ actress in the theatre. . than her sisters, in the family. 4* |i№ 4. EL Andy and Ashley are going to be late for their School Summer Fair. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. GRAMMAR I’m going to write a letter. I’m writing a letter now. At last! I’ve written my letter. GS p. 132 Ashley: Has granny (0) (make) made the biscuits? Andy: Of course, she has. Ashley: Have you (1) (put) _________________ them into the bag, Jack? Andy: Of course not. You can do that. Ashley: No, I can’t. I haven’t (2) (get) ___________________ dressed. Andy: And I haven’t (3) (clean) _____ Ashley: And you haven’t (4) (paint) Andy: I’m (5) (look) ________________ my shoes! __ your face! for the face paints and I can’t find them. Has dad (6) (buy) ___________________ them? Sparky: Take me to the fair and I’ll bring you the paints, I like fairs and I like biscuits. Andy: Don’t be silly. Sparky! We are (7) (not/go) _________ to take you. I’ll bring you some biscuits back home. Sparky: Good boy! Thanks a lot! Here are the paints. I Lessons 8—9 Test yourself O. LISTENING ________________ sa Liza, Jack and Andy are talking to their friends on the phone. Listen to the dialogues and tick (^^)the true sentences. 1. a) Jack and Ben will play football. ------------ b) Jack and Ben will play computer games. ------------- c) Jack and Ben will take part in the swimming competition. ________ 2. a) Andy has come to Washington. ___________ b) Andy visited his friend in Washington last week. 3. a) Liza and her friends are on a school trip now. b) Liza has been on a wonderful school trip. c) Liza is going to make a school trip. _____ Your score 3 2 1 0 Your mark 5 4 3 2 I '::5- • •• •' ,% ”3'' ■ c) Andy is going to visit his aunt in Washington next week. ______ • Ф. READING Here is a story about Frances, a small badger, from the “Bedtime for Frances” by Rassell Hoban. 1) S Read the story and underline the letter of the picture that does not fit. ■ ( И * II mk ■d ■- ® У a badger [Ъзес^э] — барсук; a bathrobe ["Ьа:0гэиЬ] — купальный халат; to move [mu:v] — 1) приводить в движение 2) двигаться; curtain ['кз:1эп] — занавеска; if — если; to be out of a job — остаться без работы; to get a spanking — быть наказанным It is seven o’clock. “It is time for bed,” said Mother. Frances said, “I want a glass of milk.” “All right,” said Father and Mother. “You may have a glass of milk.” Then Mother and Father kissed her goodnight. Frances said, “May I sleep with my teddy bear?” Father gave her the teddy bear. Frances said, “May I sleep with my doll, too?” Mother gave her the doll. “Good night,” said Father and Mother. “Good night,” said Frances. Frances could not sleep. She started to sing a little song about the alphabet: “A is for the apple, В is for bear, C is for crocodile ... T is for tiger ... .” Frances started to think about tigers: big tigers and little tigers, mother and father tigers, sister tigers and brother i tigers. “Are there any tigers around here?” Frances looked around the room and went to tell Mother and Father. “There is a tiger in my room,” said Frances. “He is a friendly tiger,” said Father. “Go back to sleep.” Frances went back to bed but she could not sleep. She looked around and saw something big and dark. “I think it is a giant.” She went into the living room. “There is a giant in my room. May I watch TV?” “No,” said Mother and Father. Frances said, “May I have a cake?” Father gave Frances a cake. Father said, “Go and ask the giant what he wants.” Frances went back to her room. She said, “What do you want. Giant?” She looked at him carefully. There was no giant. It was the chair and her bathrobe. So she went back to her room. The window was open. “The curtains are moving. I don’t like it.” She went into Mother and Father’s room. Frances said, “The curtains are moving.” Father said, “Listen, Frances, the curtains are moving. That is the wind’s job. Every night the wind goes around and moves the curtains. I go to my office every morning at nine o’clock. That is my job. You go to school every day. That is YOUR job. If the wind does not do his job, he will be out of a job. If I do not go to the office, I will be out of a job. And if you do not go to sleep now, do you know what will happen to you?” “I will be out of a job?” said Frances. “No,” said Father. “I will get a spanking?” said Frances. “Right!” said Father. “Good night!” said Frances, and she went back to her room. 2) Circle the correct answers to the following questions. 1. Frances’ parents wanted to put her to bed. What did they do? a) Father and Mother gave her a glass of milk. b) Mother gave her the doll. c) Father gave her the teddy bear. ШШ Ш|| d) Father and Mother kissed her goodnight. e) Father gave her a cake. f) Mother sang the ABC song to her. Ir 2. Frances could not sleep. What did she think about? g) about a giant in her room. h) about a tiger in her room. i) about a TV set in her room. j) about the curtains on the window. 1- ^'1 3) Put the correct answers in ex. 2) in the correct order. the wind’s jobs? What are the father’s, Frances’ and Match and write down the sentences. mmi u Ш ‘Pf The father’s job is Frances’ job is The wind’s job is to go to school to go around and move the curtains to go to the office every day. every night, every morning 5) Finish up the sentence. Frances will get a spanking because she V " Your score 17-16 15-12 11-8 7 и менее Your mark ^ USE OF ENGLISH (GRAMMAR/VOCABULARY) 1, El What’s special about these children? Underline the correct variant. 0. Ann is (younger/the youngest) in the family. 1. Dan is (taller/the tallest) than Sam. 2. Helen is (a more beautiful/the most beautiful) girl in the class. 3. Harry is (a better/the best) football player in the school. 4. Jack is (a smarter/the smartest) boy in the class. 5. Liza is (the most helpful/more helpful) in the family. 6. John is (brayer/the brayest) than Mike. 7. Emily is (a more famous/the most famous) young singer in our town. 2. в Match the numerals with the words. 0. 3rd 1. 9th 2. 12th 3. 4th 4. 1st 5. 16th 6. 11th 7. 22nd a) the fourth b) the twenty-second c) the first d) the third e) the twelfth f) the eleventh g) the ninth h) the sixteenth 0. Ж. 3. El Ask questions according to the situations and answer them. 0, John, don’t stand at the teacher’s desk, please! Is John standing at the teacher’s desk? Yes, he is. John is standing at the teacher’s desk. 1. William, don’t eat in class, please! ___________ William _____________ in class? I'.::/ I ’ f* * I ■ -'-1 - 1 ' 151 i ■Jp-4 1 ,j ,^.1,^5... j ШШ'^ I Ipl^- :. 0 K-'.'.’J'-. • TT -V .‘-1 1 кл^гйЧТ^" I ■ I;» . |U“3S-,' 'i i! - m. П- 7 : * f I " i i ■»■ Yes, . William in class. 2. Don’t feed the monkey, Max! It’s dangerous! What _________ Max ______________________? He____________________the monkey. 3. Are you going to help me in the kitchen? Yes,_______________I_____________________to wash the dishes. 4. What is Jack going to do? Jack__________________to write a letter to his grandpa. 5. Has Ben painted the door? No,_______________He_____________ the box for my toys! 6. Andy, have you read the story? Yes,______________I_______________two stories. Good boy! 4. EL British kids spend more time playing alone than with friends. Does Joe like staying at home alone? For sentences 1-12 choose the correct variant. to stay at home alone — оставаться дома в одиночестве I live in a very nice place with a park and a big (1) I like playing with my friends there. But my friends live in (2) _______________ places and we don’t play together very often. But sometimes I like playing alone. I am (3) ______________ and I can do everything I like. Some children are (4) _______________ to stay at home alone but I am not. First, I’ve got Cherry the dog. Second, I am alone from 3:00 till my mum comes at 6 (5) ______________So I don’t (6)____________________But I’m ^2^ scared to stay When I am I’m home can listen to my my (9) -------------- Sorry I must go. (1) a) playground (2) a) important (3) a) free (4) a) happy (5) a) minutes (6) a) worry (7) a) at last (8) a) famous (9) a) kitchen (10) a) homework (11) a) schoolwork (12) a) chair at home alone (7) at home alone, I _ music, watch TV in alone right now. I have done and now I am writing this (11) is jumping on not much fun! my Cherry It’s I my parents’ (12) : Mum will get angry! b) library b) special b) lazy b) scared b) daytime b) hurry up b) at night b) popular b) bedroom b) room b) notebook b) bed c) supermarket c) different c) busy c) hungry c) o’clock c) know c) at home c) favourite c) classroom c) breakfast c) report c) cupboard Your score 32-28 27-23 22-16 15 и менее s; Your mark WRITING L ^ Answer the questions below and write a short report. Do you like playing with your friends? Do you often stay at home alone? Do you like staying at home alone? Why? Why not? What do you usually do? Are you scared to stay at home alone? Why? Why not?